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The Faculty of Medicine of the Justus Liebig University Giessen (JLU), and the University Hospital of Giessen and Marburg GmbH, Giessen Campus, invites applications for a

W3 Professorship in Neuroradiology

as of now.

Reference is made to § 61 Para. 7 of the Hessian Higher Education Act (HHG) and to conditions of employment on § 62 HHG. Proficient knowledge of German is expected.


The future incumbent will assume leadership of the Department of Neuroradiology at the Center for Radiology. The duties of the successful candidate will be to represent the whole scope of the subject of neuroradiology with regard to research, teaching and patient care. The tasks of the professorship related to patient care will be managed by the University Hospital. The future clinical duties of the professorship will involve the competent leadership of the Department of Neuroradiology and will focus on “interventional neuroangiography, especially during stroke.

The future tasks will focus on modern multimodality imaging with flat-panel CT, conventional multi-slice CT, MR with an integrated analysis of perfusion imaging, 4D-CTA and angiography techniques in emergency diagnostics and routine diagnostics in cerebrovascular diseases. This concept of methods, which has already been introduced, will be complemented by the newly established nanocomputer tomography, which is to be further optimized by an evaluation with flat-panel CT. As far as the evaluation of the digitally collected findings (radiomics) is concerned, the candidate is also expected to closely cooperate with the Neurological Intensive Care unit, the Institute of Medical Informatics and the Big Data Initiative of the MIRACUM project (Medical Informatics in Research and Care in University Medicine).

During the assignment, publications in designated national and international journals and successful extramural funding projects, preferably with the DFG, EU, BMBF, are expected from the candidates. The future incumbent should actively cooperate with the existing research cooperations and actively organize research projects and new networks, e. g. nationally and internationally, on a largely independent basis. She/He should closely cooperate with the research foci of the department and JLU – cardio-pulmonary system, infection, inflammation and immunity, oncology and tumor biology as well as reparation/regeneration. Apart from working in the Giessen Graduate Centre for the Life Sciences (GGL), an involvement in JLU TRAINEE, a structured graduate program, and JLU CAREER, a Clinician Scientist Program in Biomedical Research aiming to support young academics, is expected. Gender issues should furthermore be integrated into the professorship’s research, teaching agenda and patient care.

The universities of Giessen and Marburg and the University of Applied Sciences in Central Hessen are working together in a research alliance (Research Campus of Central Hessen) as a structured cooperation based on coordinated priorities. It is expected that the applicant shows cooperativeness to university and department-wide collaborative projects. In particular, cross university/hospital patient-oriented clinical research and the participation in joint clinical studies is expected.


The successful candidate should have international recognition in her/his specialization and an outstanding qualification in the field of imaging diagnostics, interventional therapy, and translational research within the neurovascular focus of the neurological subjects.

The future incumbent should be able to provide credentials as a particularly experienced researcher in an executive position. Prerequisites for the application are expertise in the field of thrombectomy (aspiration, stent retriever) as well as further procedures (carotid stenting, intracranial stenting). The candidate should also have significant knowledge in all common interventional procedures for cerebral vascular changes (embolization of aneurysms, arteriovenous malformation, dural arteriovenous fistulas, tumors).

Several years of experience in clinical experience in the area of diagnostics of the brain and the feeding vessels by means of imagery (MRT/CT: oncological imaging, cerebrovascular diseases, epilepsy) are also of major importance.

As the University Hospital of Giessen and Marburg GmbH, Giessen Campus, focuses on neuropediatrics, the candidate is expected to have deep knowledge in the field of neuropediatric imaging. As far as technology is concerned, she/he is expected to be experienced in new, innovative imaging procedures such MR­spectroscopy, perfusion imaging, functional and diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) as well as expertise in FD/CT technology (in process of being purchased).

The following qualifications are required: Full and excellent university education in medicine, the required qualification for scientific work according to § 61 Para. 1 HHG, usually proven by a doctorate with merit, and other additional pertinent academic achievements (e. g. habilitation or publications in designated international journals). The candidate should have a recognition as Ärztin/Arzt für Radiologie“ (medical specialist for radiology), a specialization in neuroradiology and should have an advanced training authorization in this field.

Experience in coordinating scientific projects in interdisciplinary networks and experience and success in obtaining extramural fundings, preferably with the DFG, is required. Furthermore, a proof of a particular pedagogic aptitude, and a necessary qualification to represent the specialist field in academic teaching with great commitment are required.

The JLU aims to employ more women in academic research. We therefore particularly encourage female candidates to apply. JLU also pursues the goal at faculty leadership level of increased competence in dealing with gender and family-related issues. JLU is regarded as family-friendly university. Applicants with children are very welcome. Applications from disabled people of equal aptitude will be given preference.

Please send your letter of application (no e-mails, please) with a CV and a documentation of your qualifications and teaching competence to: The President of Justus-Liebig-University Giessen, Erwin-Stein-Gebaeude, Goethestrasse 58, 35390 Giessen, Germany, quoting reference number K-09/19. Applications must be received by July 26th, 2019 at the latest.

Applicants are encouraged additionally to fill in one of the forms listed under (Bewerbungsbogen – application form).

Candidates are strongly recommended to refer to our webpage on application procedures at Please only submit copies of your application documents without document files or folders, as they cannot be returned after the application procedure has been completed. In addition, please send your documentation in digital form, if possible.


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