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One or more PhD Stipend(s) in Sound Processing for Robots and Drones

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Aalborg University

At the Technical Faculty of IT and Design, Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology one or more PhD stipends are available within the general research programme Electrical and Electronic Engineering. The stipend(s) are open for appointment from 1st of April 2018 or as soon thereafter as possible.

The open position(s) are with the research group Audio Analysis Lab. The PhD students will work on a research project entitled ‘Sound Processing for Robots and Drones in the Fourth Industrial Revolution’.

Sound is an often overlooked modality in robot and drones despite its potential to increase the application of robots and drones in industrial production. By using echolocation like bats, the robots may orient themselves and navigate blindly by emitting sound and listening for reflected echoes. Compared to commonly used sensors such as depth cameras and LIDAR, the usage of microphones (MEMS) can offer a cheaper solution, which is robust against, e.g., changing lighting conditions. Sound may therefore facilitate autonomous and indoor robot operation for production, which is a key to increase the competitiveness of high-tech countries. This is also known as the fourth industrial revolution. The aim of this project is, thus, to facilitate such operation via advanced signal processing for robots equipped with microphone arrays (multiple microphones in a known geometrical configuration).

The successful applicant should have a M.Sc. (or equivalent) in engineering within signal processing. Prior experience with audio and acoustic signal processing and mobile robot platforms is a plus but not required. Moreover, the successful applicant should be fluent in English, have strong programming and math skills, and be familiar with MATLAB (or similar tools). The applicant must submit his/her M.Sc. thesis (or a draft thereof) as part of the application. The degree must be completed at the time of the appointment.

You may obtain further information from Assistant Professor Jesper Rindom Jensen, Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology, phone: +45 9940 7450, email: concerning the scientific aspects of the stipend.

PhD stipends are allocated to individuals who hold a Master's degree. PhD stipends are normally for a period of 3 years. It is a prerequisite for allocation of the stipend that the candidate will be enrolled as a PhD student at the Technical Doctoral School of IT adn Design in accordance with the regulations of Ministerial Order No. 1039 of August 27, 2013 on the PhD Programme at the Universities and Certain Higher Artistic Educational Institutions. According to the Ministerial Order, the progress of the PhD student shall be assessed every six months. It is a prerequisite for continuation of salary payment that the previous progress is approved at the time of the evaluation.

The qualifications of the applicant will be assessed by an assessment committee. On the basis of the recommendation of the assessment committee, the Dean of the Technical Faculty of IT and Design will make a decision for allocating the stipend.

For further information about stipends and salary as well as practical issues concerning the application procedure contact Ms. Helene Ulrich Pedersen, The Technical Faculty of IT and Design, email:, phone: +45 9940 9803.

For more information of The Technical Doctoral School of IT and Design:

Appointment and salary as a PhD fellow are according to the Ministry of Finance Circular of November 10, 2015 on the Collective Agreement for Academics in Denmark, Appendix 5, regarding PhD fellows, and with the Ministry of Finance current circular on the employment structure at Danish Universities.

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Status: PhD Studentship
Location: Aalborg, DENMARK
Advert Published: 11 Jan 2018
Expiry date: 1 Feb 2018
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