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Sechenov University is the major medical educational and scientific institution in Russia aimed at undergraduate & postgraduate training, accreditation healthcare professionals promoting thus further advance of medical science and healthcare domestically and on a global scale. Today Sechenov University covers 3 main areas: education, research and healthcare.

The University has one of the biggest in Europe scientific medical library, 2 unique clinical simulation centers, own botanic garden, and many more facilities that make the University attractive for students from all over the globe.

In 2015 Sechenov University entered the all-Russian academic excellence project aimed at enhancing competitiveness of leading Russian universities among the global research and education centers. Project 5-100 is the initiative to promote at least five Russian universities into the top 100 of the world's best institutions of higher education.

To achieve our strategic goals of establishing a first-class university with top quality disciplines and building up a faculty of high academic standards comparable to those in prestigious universities in the world, we are searching for high-level talents from overseas. Successful applicant must be a leader in candidate's research fields in the international academic community with proven records of outstanding achievements. Professor or the equivalent in well-known foreign universities, capable to obtaining and leading major national and international collaborative projects and developing and implementing innovative programs for the students. Also, we are happy to invite high-level applicants from the well-known foreign university, who demonstrated potentials of becoming future leads in the relevant fields for the position of Associate Professor.

Institute of Professional Education of Sechenov University now recruiting scholars on Professor and Associate Professor positions in Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy.

The Institute is engaged in the retraining of senior and line medical staff of more than 50 medical specialties. Training programs include theoretical scope, awareness of the latest medical science trends, new diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, new practical skills and updating of actual professional wealth. Institute of Professional Education has highly qualified faculty, clinical and training facilities, offer distance learning options and practice simulation techniques. More than 40 chairs provide vocational training programs in different areas of medicine.

Clinical pharmacy as a discipline is based on health sciences. The discipline is focused on optimizing pharmacotherapy and promoting health. The emphasis is in rational medicine use and ways to influence it, development and evaluation of clinical pharmacy services and medication safety. Clinical pharmacy is based on multidisciplinary collaboration and patients' involvement in their pharmacotherapy. Clinical pharmacy is a philosophy of practice covering all social and health care settings in hospital and outpatient care where pharmacotherapy is part of patient care.

The Faculty of Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy invites applicants to apply for positions at levels of Associate Professor and full Professor.

At present, we are in the process of active modernization and internationalization of our department. We are open for global cooperation. We are waiting for your ideas and suggestions to develop new educational programs on the following themes:
  1. Clinical pharmacology of medicines in pediatrics (in neonatology).
  2. Personalized pharmacotherapy in cardiology.
  3. Pharmacogenetics in cardiology.
  4. Therapeutic medicine monitoring of antimicrobials drugs.
Applicants must have a Ph.D. and/or an M.D. (or the equivalent), with a strong background and a track record of publications and grant funding.

To apply, please send a cover letter and CV (please specify the peer reviewed publications in which you are the corresponding or first author). E-mail:

The positions are available for long terms.

We offer competitive salary, medical insurance, visa support, accommodation at University campus, travel reimbursement. Other benefits may be negotiable during job interviews.

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