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Sechenov University is the major medical educational and scientific institution in Russia aimed at undergraduate & postgraduate training, accreditation healthcare professionals promoting thus further advance of medical science and healthcare domestically and on a global scale. Today Sechenov University covers 3 main areas: education, research and healthcare.

The University has one of the biggest in Europe scientific medical library, 2 unique clinical simulation centers, own botanic garden, and many more facilities that make the University attractive for students from all over the globe.

In 2015 Sechenov University entered the all-Russian academic excellence project aimed at enhancing competitiveness of leading Russian universities among the global research and education centers. Project 5-100 is the initiative to promote at least five Russian universities into the top 100 of the world's best institutions of higher education.

To achieve our strategic goals of establishing a first-class university with top quality disciplines and building up a faculty of high academic standards comparable to those in prestigious universities in the world, we are searching for high-level talents from overseas. Successful applicant must be a leader in candidate's research fields in the international academic community with proven records of outstanding achievements. Professor or the equivalent in well-known foreign universities, capable to obtaining and leading major national and international collaborative projects and developing and implementing innovative programs for the students. Also, we are happy to invite high-level applicants from the well-known foreign university, who demonstrated potentials of becoming future leads in the relevant fields for the position of Associate Professor.

Educational faculty of the Institute of Pharmacy and Translational Medicine (IPhTM)

The department integrates the traditions of classical pharmaceutical education with new opportunities for scientific and educational activities of IPhTM and partner organizations.

About 200 staff members of the faculty work at the departments, among them academicians and corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, professors, doctors and candidates of science. Some departments of medical, medical and preventive faculties, experts of laboratories of the Institute of Pharmacy and Translational Medicine, invited specialists of key educational and scientific-practical organizations are also involved in the training. Scientific and educational events are conducted with the participation of leading foreign scientists.

The total number of students conducting research at various faculties of the faculty is more than 180 people. The main form of scientific activity of students is the preparation of research works, as a rule, having a complex character.

The state final certification is conducted in accordance with GEF: Pharmacy - in the form of a state exam - an interview for interdisciplinary situational tasks, Biotechnology, Bioengineering and bioinformatics - in the form of defense of the thesis. Since 2016, graduates who have received the qualification Pharmacist, pass the primary accreditation of specialists.

We are now recruiting scholars for the following departments:

1. Department of Analytical Toxicology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy.
Applicants with the relevant previous experience of work.

2. Department of Analytical physical and colloid chemistry.

Successful applicant should be able to leading the following theme: Increased bioavailability of water-soluble drugs and the development of innovative drug technology based on solid dispersions.

3. Pharmacology department.
Successful applicant should be able developing new educational programs in neuropharmacology on the topics:
  1. Treatment of a brain tumor;
  2. Therapy of neurodegenerative cares.
4. Department of Pharmaceutical and Toxicological Chemistry.
Main goals:
  1. Development and improvement of analytical platform for standardization of immunobiological and biopharmaceuticals. - New methods for assessing the authenticity of the study of isomerism;
    - assessment of impurities, new types of impurities, rationing of residual DNA and producer proteins;
    - laboratory evaluation of biological activity;
  2. Pharmacokinetic studies of high-molecular and endogenous compounds (proteins, peptides, heparins, interferons, erythropoietin, etc.);
  3. Phospholipase D and its role in the metabolism of phospholipids. Determination of phosphatidyl ethanol as a biomarker of alcohol abuse.
5. Pharmaceutical technology department.
  1. Development of innovative dosage forms with modified release parameters for various routes of administration.
6. Pharmacy department.

We are open to consider your experience and proposals of new lectures course development in this discipline.

Applicants must have a Ph.D. and/or an M.D. (or the equivalent), with a strong background and a track record of publications and grant funding.

To apply, please send a cover letter and CV (please specify the peer reviewed publications in which you are the corresponding or first author). E-mail:

The positions are available for long terms.

We offer competitive salary, medical insurance, visa support, accommodation at University campus, travel reimbursement. Other benefits may be negotiable during job interviews.

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