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University of Bristol

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University of Bristol

Since our foundation in 1876, the University of Bristol has long been one of the UKs foremost seats of higher education and a respected institution on the world academic stage. Today, we are widely considered to be among the best universities in the world. We produce internationally distinguished research and highly employable students. Indeed, students and staff from around the globe are attracted by our superb facilities and prestigious history - plus, of course, one of the widest ranges of academic subjects available in the UK.

Naturally, our people are at the heart of all our successes. From acclaimed academics and industry experts, to dedicated business support professionals, our staff share the very highest of standards. In particular, ambitious academics benefit from our distinguished track record as a centre for innovative and groundbreaking research of global significance. We attract all manner of grants and awards, and have achieved a range of Nobel Prizes and Fellowships.

Working at the University of Bristol, you will benefit from outstanding professional support and potential for career development. We have pioneered a Positive Working Environment - an award winning approach to making working life productive, rewarding, enjoyable and healthy. A wide variety of initiatives range from flexible working through to leisure and health opportunities.

What is more, you will enjoy all the advantages of living and working in Bristol - one of the UKs greenest, most historic and inspiring cities. From cutting edge theatre, music and festivals, through to world class shopping, sporting opportunities and heritage attractions, there is something here for everyone to love. The University is located in the heart of this lively, creative and beautiful city.

To discover what your future at the University of Bristol could look like, explore our current vacancies.

University of Bristol's current live jobs

Teaching Associate - Veterinary ScienceBristolUNITED KINGDOM
Lecturer - EnglishBristolUNITED KINGDOM
Teaching Associate - Healthcare Law & EthicsBristolUNITED KINGDOM
Research Associate / Senior Research Associate - Epidemiology/Genetic EpidemiologyBristolUNITED KINGDOM
Lecturer (3 x Posts) - BiologyBristolUNITED KINGDOM
Teaching Associate - Statistical ScienceBristolUNITED KINGDOM
Research Associate/Senior Research Associate - Climate ScientistBristolUNITED KINGDOM
Lecturer - MicroelectronicsBristolUNITED KINGDOM
Research Associate - Protein DesignBristolUNITED KINGDOM
Research Associate - Computational ModellingBristolUNITED KINGDOM
Lecturer/Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor - Statistical ScienceBristolUNITED KINGDOM
Research Associate – Aerospace CerTest EngineeringBristolUNITED KINGDOM
Research Associate - ElectronicsBristolUNITED KINGDOM
Research Associate/Senior Research Associate - Quantum EngineeringBristolUNITED KINGDOM
Research Associate - Cyber SecurityBristolUNITED KINGDOM
Research Associate - Aeroelastic ModellingBristolUNITED KINGDOM
Research Associate / Senior Research Associate - Adaptive StatorsBristolUNITED KINGDOM
Research Associate / Senior Research Associate - Statistical GeneticsBristolUNITED KINGDOM
Research Associate - Cognitive NeuroscienceBristolUNITED KINGDOM
Senior Research Associate - Medical Statistics/EpidemiologyBristolUNITED KINGDOM
Language Tutor - JapaneseBristolUNITED KINGDOM
Research Associate - Earth SciencesBristolUNITED KINGDOM
Research Assistant - BiochemistryBristolUNITED KINGDOM
Senior Lecturer - Psychological SciencesBristolUNITED KINGDOM
Lecturer - Educational PsychologyBristolUNITED KINGDOM
Research Associate - Seismic Hazard Earth SciencesBristolUNITED KINGDOM
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