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App Software EngineerEdinburgh, UNITED KINGDOM
Research Associate in AeroacousitcsBristol, UNITED KINGDOM
One or more PhD Stipend(s) in Sound Processing for Robots and DronesAalborg, DENMARK
Research Associate in Power ElectronicsBristol, UNITED KINGDOM
W1 Professorship (with W2 tenure track) for Innovation Economics in the Agri-Food BusinessGießen, GERMANY
Chair, Computer Science Department, NJITNewark, UNITED STATES
Chair, Informatics Department, NJITNewark, UNITED STATES
Assistant or Associate Professors, Informatics at NJITNewark, UNITED STATES
Research Associate in segmentation and external control of mammalian cellsBristol, UNITED KINGDOM
Research Associate in Structural IntegrityBristol, UNITED KINGDOM
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